Server setup

I setup a server in order to:

Create a node

For now, I chose one of the cheaper Digital Ocean droplets with this configuration:

Digital Ocean offers many preconfigured images:

Digital Ocean Screenshot

... but I chose a basic Ubuntu 23.10 image and will configure the webserver and VPS myself.

Initial server config

Clone hacks and run:

make ubuntu
make vim
make shell

to install common tools and setup my shell environment.

Webserver config

Installed Apache using these instructions.

I configured a virtualhost pointing to the /var/www/ directory.


I obtained for $4/year, and had the registrar point to the Digital Ocean nameservers.

and configured DNS records in the DO panel:

Type Hostname Value TTL (seconds)
A directs to 1800
A directs to 1800
NS directs to 1800
NS directs to 1800
NS directs to 1800


I used Let's Encrypt and certbot. So easy!